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Registo Nacional do Turismo com o número 0008

Rua da Arrochela, Nº6 -Albôi - 3810 - 052 Aveiro Portugal
+351 234 380 390


The Aveiro Center Hotel, located in the city of Aveiro, is the ideal place to explore the city. With a privileged location, our hotel offers all the comfort and family atmosphere you seek and need. Nearby you can enjoy the finest Art Nouveau houses and also enjoy of a Moliceiro boat tour. The main tourist attractions are nearby. There is also an excellent and varied gastronomic offer with many restaurants with a wide range of fish and meat. The Aveiro University Campus, where you can find the largest collection of the best contemporary architects’ buildings, is about a 5 minutes away on foot.

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HOTEL AVEIRO CENTER  Unique Hotel in Aveiro

Rua da Arrochela, Nº6 -Albôi - 3810 - 052 Aveiro Portugal | +351 234 380 390 |


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